About Us

About Flawmark

Flawmark Greeting Card Company was founded by Richie Ray in the fall of 2020.  Originally beginning as a set of three pandemic related Christmas cards released under our parent company, That Banner Guy, sales began to take off.  As we came up with more designs, it began to take a life of it’s own.  We felt the card line needed it’s own identity with its witty, tongue in cheek (and sometimes offensive) humor.  With that Flawmark was born.

A Little More…

Our goal is to put out quality greeting cards.  While some of the humor is dark or off color, we feel that’s what separates from the rest.

Not to be confused with the greeting card giants, we are a family owned company.  That’s probably why we can get away with some of the things we say on our cards.  All designs are made in house, unless otherwise stated 

All of our cards are proudly made in the USA.  We always try to support small businesses and you should too.

Our Team

Richie Ray

Richie is the founder and creator of Flawmark Greeting Cards.  He makes the cards that you send to loved ones.

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